How to make Corn Flakes Crumbled Paneer 

We love snacks. Be it watching a movie on tv, in theatres or doing some study, or when we’re just bored, snacks help us satiate that hunger we get between our meals. But choosing snacks can be tricky sometimes. Sometimes we love snacks which are baked, sometimes fried, and sometimes fruits or nuts are our snacks. But many times, we enjoy fried food or fast food. Here we are presenting a delicious and unique snack you can enjoy today in the comfort of your home. Read on to find out! 

Some fried paneer sticks with dip in middle


Quantity Ingredients 
50 gm Crushed corn flakes 
100 gm Thin sliced paneer 
30 gm Refined Flour (Maida) 

For marination: 

5 gm  Degi Mirch Powder 
10 gm Genie Food Ginger-Garlic Paste 
4 gm Garam Masala Powder 
As required Salt 
2 gm Black Pepper Powder 
10 gm Chopped Coriander 

Method to make Corn Flakes Crumbled Paneer: 

  1. Take a bowl and add 5 gm red chilli powder. 
  1. Then add 10 gm of Genie Food Ginger-Garlic Paste
  1. After that. Add 4 gm of Garam Masala Powder. 
  1. Add some salt as required. 
  1. Now add 30 gm of Maida (Refined Flour) in the bowl and mix everything. 
  1. Add some water and make the batter of sauce consistency. 
  1. Take a plate and spread some crushed cornflakes on it. 
  1. Meanwhile take a deep-frying pan and add some oil and let it boil. 
  1. Take the slices of paneer and dip them in the batter to coat them evenly. 
  1. Then coat them with crushed cornflakes in the plate. 
  1. Fry them in the heated oil. Toss them in the oil to fry evenly and remove from oil to plate once they’re golden brown. 
  1. Serve them in a plate hot with tomato ketchup or mayonnaise. 

Loved our crispy and savoury Corn Flakes Crumbled Paneer? Learn how to make it today and get all your ingredients from Genie Food Groups right now & make a delicious snack for you and your family.