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Instant pav bhaji


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Original price was: ₹159.00.Current price is: ₹125.00.

Ready To Eat Pav Bhaji

“Pav Bhaji – A spicy vegetable gravy served with soft dinner rolls it is mouthwatering Indian fast food loved by everyone” 

It has been frequently and widely consumed Indian variety which is made of full of nutrients and many different Indian spices with lots of veggies with bread bun. Everyone is familiar with how much time it takes to prepare bhaji, when prepared at home it easily takes roughly around 1 hour just to prepare bhaji which is very time consuming, and it also requires lots of efforts in chopping different veggies, boiling, cooking, and above all this it becomes difficult to add the exact amount of spices and salt to match the taste of street style pav bhaji.  Thus, to prefer healthy homemade pav bhaji, you end up spending your precious time.  

On the other hand, to avoid all this hassle everyone prefers outside street pav bhaji, but that option is very unhealthy due to excess use of unhealthy oil, unhygienic place of preparing food and lots of spices that leads to upset stomach and food infections. Thus, to save time choosing street pav bhaji is never a healthy option for you.  

Genie is here to solve this problem; Now enjoy healthy and tasty pav bhaji in just few minutes with our Genie’s instant pav bhaaji!  

Now a days in busy schedule time we generally prefer how we get instantly food on our plate: ready-to-eatinstant food mix, or heat-and-serve food, there’s no doubt that ready-to-eat meals are the handiest and healthy food items on the market today. 

Genie’s Instant Pav Bhaji tastes absolutely phenomenal! It’s the simplest and most delicious choice for hectic weeknights. A total crowd pleaser with robust flavors! With the easy recipe instructions, you can make Genie’s ready to eat Pav Bhaji at home in minutes. 

Our Instant Pav Bhaji is a ready-to-eat Items cooked with spicy mashed mixed vegetables in a potato base and served with pav/bun. This dish takes only a few minutes to prepare and savor. 

Genie’s Ready to Eat Pav bhaji can be ordered online. This instant pav bhaji is enjoyed by individuals of all ages, and most people have their own unique way of making it perfect. 


When you get Genie’s instant pav bhaji then why put efforts in making from scratch? 

Pav bhaji is traditionally prepared in a pan or on a huge tawa. This recipe, on the other hand, requires many steps, such as chopping all vegetables, boiling the vegetables, mixing everything in butter and seasoning with spices. Instead, the instant ready to eat version needs only about 10 minutes! So, you can save 40% of your cooking time.  

Why Genie’s Instant Pav Bhaji? 


We have been helping people cook not just by following recipes but make it more efficient and creating a lifestyle that leads to global healthy life since 2018.  In the global era, it is the most precious thing in humans’ lives. We are here to make the maximum of what we have right now. We created those products which feel as good as farm-fresh, and save 40% of your kitchen time, the products we processed are procured directly from farmers which can lead you to have a proper taste of homemade as well as enhances taste buds. If you make sure we deliver more than your expectation, then only we win your heart. We have been serving leading restaurants in Ahmedabad city.  

Benefits of Instant Pav Bhaji 

  • Made from Only Premium Fresh Ingredients 
  • Save 40% cooking time 
  • No Hidden ingredients 
  • Quality of Ghar ka Khana 
  • No work…No mess…No waste 
  • Delicious Aromatic Smell 


3 Eazy Steps to Prepare Instant Pav bhaji 


Step 1: Tear open the Genie’s ready to eat pav bhaji packet.  

Step 2: Immerse its contents in a bowl and add water into it.  

Step 3: microwave it for 10 minutes and serve it hot.  

Our ready to eat Pav Bhaji is a great way to start a meal. There are no preservatives in this product because it is made entirely of natural ingredients. In this specific packaging style, the delicate scale of spices and ingredients is carefully preserved.
We do not add any added color to our ready to eat products.  

  • 100% vegetarian 
  • No colors & no artificial flavors 
  • Our products are preservative-free and made with premium ingredients to give you the best taste without compromise 

Not just restaurants; this dish can also be enjoyed by preparing it at home. Ready to eat pav bhaji is a perfect weekend dinner, get together, birthday parties and so on; every household has their version of the dish. Everyone serves a variation of this dish. 

Both Pav and Bhaji are served with chopped onions and a lemon wedge. This combination is finger licking good!!!  


Now make your kids happy with our pav bhaji ready to eat and save your precious time too, impress your husband with spicy and flavorful instant pav bhaji. If you are staying abroad and missing street style pav bhaji with Indian tadka, then Genie’s pav bhaji ready to eat is your best option for your cravings. If you are a working professional living alone and craving pav bhaji but don’t have time to cook then end your cravings in just few minutes with pav bhaji ready to eat by Genie.  

How to Serve Instant Pav Bhaji? 

To serve genie’s ready to eat pav bhaji, First, slit the pav/pao (soft bread rolls/buns). Next, heat the tawa or a frying pan and melt the butter. Sprinkle some pav bhaji masala. Then fry the buns or pav from both the sides. 

Flat out of the bhaji in a bowl, with a butter blob. Sprinkle chopped onions and coriander leaves on top. Squeeze lemon generously on the bhaji and luxuriate it with buttered pav and serve pav bhaji ready to eat without any effort.  

Buy ready to eat Pav bhaji online, if you want to taste the authentic taste of street style pav bhaji in just few minutes at home, order Genie’s ready to eat pav bhaji now!  

People Also Ask About ready to eat, instant  Pav bhaji :

Q: What is ready-to-eat Pav Bhaji?

A: Ready-to-eat Pav Bhaji refers to a pre-packaged, fully cooked and flavored version of the popular Indian street food dish called Pav Bhaji.

Q: How do I prepare ready-to-eat Pav Bhaji?

A: Ready-to-eat Pav Bhaji requires no preparation. It is already cooked and flavored, so all you need to do is heat it according to the instructions on the packaging.

Q: Can I microwave ready-to-eat Pav Bhaji?

A: Yes, you can microwave ready-to-eat Pav Bhaji. Follow the instructions on the packaging for microwave heating guidelines.

Q: Can I heat ready-to-eat Pav Bhaji on the stovetop?

A: Yes, you can heat ready-to-eat Pav Bhaji on the stovetop. Transfer the contents to a saucepan or skillet and heat it on low to medium heat, stirring occasionally until heated through.

Q: Can I freeze ready-to-eat Pav Bhaji?

A: It is not recommended to freeze ready-to-eat Pav Bhaji, as freezing may affect its taste and texture. It is best to consume it within the recommended shelf life mentioned on the packaging.

Q: Can I serve ready-to-eat Pav Bhaji with bread?

A: Absolutely! Ready-to-eat Pav Bhaji is traditionally served with buttered and toasted buns called “Pav.” It is a popular combination that enhances the taste and texture of the dish.