Chilli Garlic sauce & Schezwan sauce: The ultimate sauce duo for your perfect oriental Cuisine.    
A cup with orangey garlic chutney and some garlic cloves, a whole garlic and some dried red chillies near the cup.

The most famous kind of oriental Cuisine heard in India is Chinese Cuisine. Though not authentic Chinese, these dishes took inspiration from Chinese Cuisine. When we consider Chinese dishes like Manchurian noodles, Hakka noodles, Schezwan Fried Rice, and such street foods, the heart of these dishes lies in their sauces.    

The most commonly used sauces in Indo-Chinese dishes in India are Schezwan Sauce and Chilli Garlic Sauce. Both are similar, but they hold slightly different personalities from each other.    

Chilli Garlic Sauce    

Chilli Garlic Sauce is a spicy, garlicky sauce. It is made from ingredients: Red Chillies, Garlic Cloves, and some vinegar. Due to its simple ingredient list, anyone can easily make Chili Garlic Sauce at home.

Chilli Garlic Sauce is mainly used in making noodles, pasta, soups, preparation of vegetables as stuffing, dip, and many more. Sesame oil is added to give it a slightly nutty flavor. It’s a delightful tasting sauce with mix of flavours to give nice tadka to all your dishes. 

Schezwan Sauce    

Schezwan Sauce is a spicy hot sauce used in Indo-Chinese meals to enhance its flavors. Schezwan Sauce is made from many ingredients such as Dried Red Chillies, Garlic, Ginger, vinegar, pepper powder, and much more. Schezwan sauce can be pungent and spicy, but it’s a versatile sauce that can change the flavors of any dish.

Schezwan Sauce is used in noodles, sauces, pasta, soups, sandwiches, dip, and many more. Schezwan Sauce is also a great condiment in American dishes like potato wedges and French Fries to give a unique taste.   

In conclusion, Chilli Garlic Sauce and Schezwan Sauce are among the best pairs for an oriental touch in your Cuisine and kitchen.   

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