How to make Bread Pizza at home using Genie Food Pizza/Pasta Sauce 

Want some great pizza super easily at home? Don’t worry we got you! We’re presenting a super quick and easy recipe to enjoy at home! Learn how to make pizza at home using bread and Genie Food Pizza/Pasta Sauce. It’s an easy-to-follow recipe which you can make on tawa or oven. Get yourself our Genie Food Group Pizza Pasta Sauce today and make a perfect bread pizza at home. 


Quantity Ingredients 
5-6 Pieces Fresh white or brown bread slices 
100 gms Genie Food Pizza/Pasta Sauce 
1 cup Grated mozzarella cheese 
1 cup Chopped onion 
1 cup Chopped capsicum 
2 tbsp Genie Food Oregano Seasoning 
1-2 tbsp Genie Food Chilli Flakes 
1 cup Chopped tomato 
5-10 pieces Olives (As required) 
1-2 tbsp oil 

Method to make Pizza Bread using Genie Food Products: 

  1. Take a pan and heat a tablespoon of oil on it. 
  1. Take bread slices and toast it on the pan for some time to avoid soggy breads. 
  1. Once toasted, turn off the stove.  
  1. Spread Genie Food Pizza/Pasta Sauce on the slices. 
  1. Add some chopped onion, capsicum, tomato and olives on the slices. 
  1. Now generously add some mozzarella cheese on top of the slices. 
  1. After that, add some Genie Food Oregano Seasoning and chilli flakes seasoning as required. 
  1. Heat the slices a little on the stove till the cheese melts. 
  1. Once the cheese melts, transfer the slices on the plate. 
  1. Your bread pizza is ready to serve! Serve with some ketchup to enjoy this delicious pizza at most! 

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