How to make Schezwan Noodles at Home.

Are you craving a chinese delight but you’re too lazy to go out? Genie food will make your wishes come true. We provide you with street style Schezwan Sauce Noodles at home using Genie Foods Schezwan Sauce and Genie food Ginger and garlic paste.

Genie food offers various sauces made from natural ingredients handpicked from local farms. Follow this exact recipe for homemade Schezwan Noodles and enjoy these noodles at comfort of your home with your favorite movie.  

A bowl of stir fried noodles which includes noodles, vegetables and sesame seeds along with wooden chopsticks.


Ingredient Quantity 
Oil 1 ½  Teaspoon 
Onion 1 small 
Green Capsicum  Cabbage ½ cup 
Carrot 1 Small 
Soy Sauce 1 Tbsp 
Genie Food Schezwan Sauce 2/3 Tbsp 
Genie Food Ginger Garlic Paste 2-3 Tbsp 
Salt  1-2 Tbsp (As required) 
Spring Onion & Sesame seeds Garnishing 


  1. Heat oil in a pan. 
  1. Add 2 Tbsp of Genie Food Ginger Garlic Paste and saute it until it you smell the aroma of the paste.  
  1. Add some diced onions, green capsicum, diced cabbage, carrots, and cook them on high flame for around 2 mins in oil to saute the vegetables.  
  1. Add some soy sauce and Genie Food Schezwan Sauce and mix everything to form a base paste for noodles.  
  1. Add the noodles, some salt to taste and mix it well. 
  1. Sprinkle some spring onions on top and mix it  
  1. Serve the hot and spicy Schezwan Noodles made at home and top it off with some spring onion and sesame seeds.