Genie’s Heat and Eat Veg. Biryani (300gm)


Genie’s Heat and Eat Veg. Biryani (300gm)


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Veg Biryani
INSTRUCTIONS -Empty the Pack in Bowl, let it Heat for 2-3 Minutes on Medium Flame or Microwave OR Drop the Pouch in Pot of boiled water for 2-3 minutes
WEIGHT 300gm
SHELF LIFE 365 Days/ 1 Year
INGREDIENTS Rice, Tomato, spices and condiments , Potato, Onion, Premium Turmeric Powder, Salt, Cumin Seed, Green Beans, edible oil [Sunflower], Red Chili Powder.

Original price was: ₹189.00.Current price is: ₹169.00.

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Veg Biryani
Ready to Eat Instant Veg Biryani. Heat to Eat.
Easy recipe. Save cooking time. Eat Authentic with No trans fat.
This ready to eat Veg Biryani is made from high quality ingredients, contains no added artificial – colours & flavours and is sealed with care
Genie’s Ready-to-Eat Veg Biryani promises a delectable dining experience with the convenience of a 12-month shelf life. Crafted with premium ingredients, this flavorful biryani retains its freshness and taste for an extended period, ensuring a delightful and hassle-free culinary adventure whenever you choose to savor this aromatic delight.
RTE- Heat and Eat foods meet the demands of a dynamic, fast-paced society. Ideal for busy professionals, students, and families, these pre-prepared meals ensure a balance between convenience and health. Embrace the evolution of Indian dining habits with Ready-to-Eat foods, revolutionizing how we approach meals in the contemporary, time-strapped era.
Veg Biryani is an aromatic, iconic rice dish beloved by Indians . The Genie’s Ready-To-Eat Veg Biryani is delicately flavoured with a blend of aromatic spices, cooked with fresh vegetables and steamed basmati rice.
The key to a remarkable Veg Biryani lies in the precise blend of spices, ensuring an authentic taste that resonates with the Indian palate.
Direction To Use – Empty the Pack in Bowl, let it Heat for 2-3 Minutes on Medium Flame or Microwave OR Drop the Pouch in Pot of boiled water for 2-3 minutes
Shelf Life – 12 month longer shelf life, Storage Friendly.
1) Enhance the flavor by topping it with crisp fried onions, vibrant fresh coriander, and a refreshing squeeze of lemon.
2) The biryani pairs exceptionally well with a side of mint chutney or Curd for an extra layer of taste.
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32 reviews for Genie’s Heat and Eat Veg. Biryani (300gm)
  • It’s a convenient and practical meal option for solo diners.

  • so handy to make

  • no hesitation of cooking

  • good quality and quantity

  • love their pav bhaji n biryani combo

  • It’s the perfect solution for busy days when I need a hearty meal without the wait.

  • I appreciate having a convenient and satisfying option that I can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

  • I am huge fan of biryani and i loved it

  • had one bite and cant stop having it

  • quick and easy

  • fav brand for ready to eat food

  • ekdum badhiya thi biryani maza aa gaya

  • very tasty

  • nothing can beat this dil khush kar diya

  • had a great taste

  • muje toh bada hi pasand aayi

  • perfect taste of balance

  • loved it

  • taste was so authentic

  • yes guyz veg. biryani do exists and its not veg. pullao

  • Genies Ready-to-Eat Veg Biryani is my go-to option for a quick and tasty meal

  • could add more veggies

  • It’s so convenient to have a satisfying biryani ready in minutes, especially on busy days when cooking is the last thing on my mind.

  • quality of ingredients were good

  • similar to veg. pullao

  • 4 out of 5 stars Good Taste, Low quantity for price, Add Salt and Pepper to taste

  • much better than other companies

  • clams my cravings instantly

  • I was worried about preservatives and all but i must say this was so good

  • Handy meal

  • my mid night friend

  • was craving for biryani on my trek this was very useful

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