How to make Veg Burger at home using Genie Food Groups  

A delicious burger at lunch can make your day, right? Who doesn’t love a savoury, spicy burger with some mayonnaise and veggies? That too with ketchup? Ofcourse we all do. Although our doctors may get concerned but it’s a guilty pleasure for everyone loving fast food. But here’s the good news.  We can make it super healthy and easy by preparing it at home. Learn to make a delicious and savoury burger using Genie Food Mayonnaise and other products. 


Quantity Ingredients 
1-2 piece Ready-made burger patties 
3-4 pieces Lettuce leaves 
2-3 pieces Sliced tomatoes 
3-4 tablespoon Genie Food Vegan Mayonnaise 
1 piece  Fresh Burger Bun 
2 pieces Cheese Slices 
2-3 tablespoon Ketchup for side 

Method to make Veg Burger at home using Genie Food products: 

  1. Take a pan and heat some oil in it. 
  1. Shallow fry the readymade patties and let them cool. 
  1. Take a fresh burger bun and slice it into half. 
  1. Take 2-3 tablespoon of Genie Food Groups Vegan Mayonnaise and spread it on both sides of burgers. 
  1. Take some lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes and cheese slices and stack it on the one half of the burger bun. 
  1. Place the fried patties on the stacked vegetables and add some mayonnaise if required. 
  1. Cover the burger with the other half and spread some sesame seeds on top for garnishing. 
  1. Take some ketchup as a dip for your delicious burger and enjoy! 

Enjoyed reading our delicious burger recipe? Yes, we know that now you’re craving burger. Get your favourite condiments now on Genie Food Groups and make your home a favourite & healthy burger place for everyone.  

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